Our Crew


General Manager

Eric LaPerle

Eric LaPerle worked as an alpine ski coach for nearly two decades before shifting his focus to the bike industry. Since then, he has developed a deep understanding of the retail side of the business as well as applying his understanding of sports and biomechanics to bike fitting.


Jayson Murray

Jayson Murray has lived in Park City for 32 years. He can help you with anything you need to know about bikes and biking gear and he will always greet you with a smile. Jayson loves to mountain bike and his favorite trail is Black Forest.


Erica Pacal

Erica Pacal grew up in Park City and works as a ski patroller during the winter. Whether she is skiing or biking, Erica loves being in the mountains. She enjoys all of the trails, but her favorite is John’s.


Riley Broussard

Riley Broussard grew up in Park City and is currently a college student. Riley loves everything about bikes and he spends lots of time educating the customers about them. Riley’s favorite trail is Spiro.


Brandon Andrews

Brandon Andrews is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin but his love of the mountains brought him to the West. Brandon has been a mechanic in Chico and Mammoth and has now settled in Park City. Brandon’s favorite trail is Insurgent.


Evelyn Dong

Evelyn Dong is a professional bike racer. She is also an aspiring bike mechanic and dog lover. Evelyn’s dog Mowgli loves to come along on her mountain bike rides. Evelyn’s favorite trail is Black Forest and Mowgli’s favorite trail is all of them.


Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin is originally from Pennsylvania and has lived in Utah for ten years . Dennis is a ski patroller who loves mountain biking and working on bikes. His favorite trail is Pinecone downhill.


Ben Melini

Ben Melini grew up in SLC in a biking family. Ben has been involved with bikes his entire life and he has been a bike mechanic for over 20 years. His attention to detail is amazing! Ben’s favorite trail is Flying Dog.


Roy Mullen

Roy Mullen has lived in Park City for 28 years. Roy worked as a ski patroller at Park City Mountain Resort and has been working on bikes for a very long time. Roy loves to mountain bike and his favorite trail is a secret trail in the Uintas.


Aaron Woodward

Aaron Woodward grew up in Ohio but would rather be in the mountains. He loves mountain biking and working on bikes. Always entertaining, we really enjoy having him in the shop. Aaron’s favorite trail is Ski Team.

shop dog


Stormy loves long hikes but her favorite thing is catching mice.

in memoriam


Haas loved treats.

shop dog

Royce & Po

These guys were dropped off by a rancher at a local shelter. Roy and his family were kind enough to adopt them together.

in memoriam


Blaze enjoyed his retirement from ski patrolling. He loved to be outside looking for critters.

shop dog


"Ball is life."

shop dog


Ari is a mythical creature.

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